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Brown Inline Thermoformer


New: 2001
Max Mold Size 30" W x 36" L
Max Sheet Width 33"
Top Oven Ceramic Top Oven Zones 6
Bottom Oven Calrod Bottom, Oven Zones, 6 Oven Style
Retractable Clamshell Rail Heaters
Top Platen Stroke 7.375, Bottom Platen Stroke 7.375", Draw Depth 6.0", Platen Drive Air
Actuated Form Station Tonnage: 45 Tons
Trim Press: 150 tons
Indexing Servo Indexing Trim Press Top Platen
Stroke 7.625 Bottom Platen Stroke 3.00" Platen Drive Air Actuated Trim Press Tonnage
150 Tons Controller PLC Electrical Requirements 480v - 3 - 60
Equipped With:
Roll Feed Unwind Stand
Servo Indexing PLC
Location: USA

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