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ILLIG Thermoformer, Model: RDM 75K


New :1998/ Refurbished 2014
Generation 2 machine
Forming area max.: 700 x 450 mm
Depth of draw: 150 mm
Height of formed part negative :max 150 mm
Height of formed part positive :max 30 mm
Material width :max 750 mm
Index length :max 300 mm
Mold closing force :max 250 kN
Maximum speed :40 cycles/minute
Operator control / HMI : SIEMENS
PLC Siemens
Electrical cabinet
Including servo drives
Matching preheater and inline grinder also available for additional cost
Attached here is a video and photo of The Illig RDM 75K thermoformer
Includes 3 month warrenty

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